Hi there, I'm Maks

I'm really glad that you are here. It means that you need to improve your website or looking for a graphic designer that will help you boost your personal or corporate brand imagery. I'm excited because I know I can help you. Working with people like you gives my life energy and helps me live my life on my own rules.

People like you have literally helped me change my life. I have been able to get back to optimum health mentally and physically because of you. Now, I want to give back and put in my expertise to improve your teachings so you can focus on helping your clients change their lives.

My story

For a few years now, I have been working in the field of design, art, and photography. 

However, my career was a pure mess before that because I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was doing everything and nothing at the same time. I struggled with finding my purpose and hence, tried out many different jobs down the line. I worked a lot and often was unhappy and miserable.

At the end of 2019, I started to have some serious health issues. I felt uncomfortable pressure in my chest and had no clue where it was coming from. I was visiting doctor after doctor and none of them could really help me. At some point, I knew every doctor in my city. I was taking many medications and trying various methods, but none of them worked. The pain didn't stop and I was worrying even more. 

In the worst moment, I was really afraid of my life. Luckily for me, one of my friends told me about Yoga and the Wim Hof Method. I gave it a try because I was in the “I’ll try everything” mood. Slowly, as the day went by, I started to discover Ayurveda, meditations, and breathing exercises. Suddenly I started to feel much better. I took care of my sleep, movement, and diet. I discovered Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projections. I radically changed my daily habits and step by step, my life became so much better. 

One year later, my life had changed drastically. My routines have evolved, my diet became super healthy, and I stopped feeling scared and in mysterious pain. While I’m still far from perfection, right now, I can say that my life has changed. I turned my situation around because of people like you. Inspired by dozens of fantastic life-changing stories and having a chance to see how this world looks, I decided to focus my energy on working with people that I truly admire and people that help to change other people's lives.

Thanks to people like you, I can now live without stress and worries. In return, I would like to help you evolve your career. I want to help you to focus on doing what you deeply enjoy and grow your business so you can touch even more lives without worrying about your visual identity and other aspects of your brand.

Some facts about me

As a child, I was a huge Harry Potter fan. I read each book several times and was on a few Harry Potter summer camps with dozens of geeks. Moreover, I still watch movies from time to time. 

When I was 17, I believed that I could be a rapper. I was participating in a few freestyle battles and even won one! 

My biggest passion is traveling. I was lucky enough to visit over 50 countries and I did a 5-months trip through South America with seven friends driving an old Volkswagen T3.


If you have any questions or feel we can work together, feel free to fill up a form or contact me through any of the following channels:

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Email me directly at: maksbylica@gmail.com

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