Logo design
& Visual Identity Systems

When you think of the biggest brands around the world, something comes to your mind, and it does not even have to be the brand name. Sometimes, it's a logo. And sometimes, a color profile is all you need to guess the brand name. The visual identity system is a broad concept that comprises logos, color, typography, images, graphics, etc. 

All these elements have their unique ways of distinguishing your brand from others and presenting the quality it has to offer. An easily recognizable brand eliminates confusion and gives clients the guarantees they need.



Check out the selection of logo designs I made and if they resonate with you, feel free to reach out!

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Web Design & Development

Websites are a really important tool nowadays. It can help grow your business significantly. Web design has dynamics that make them effective and these dynamics vary from one brand to another, from one industry to another.

Let’s not bore you with all the details. I can help you create an outstanding website that will speak for itself. It will be easy to handle by yourself, so you won't need help with editing content. That means you’ll get a website that meets current standards and still have you in total control.


Dream Research Institute

Web design, development and CMS implementation of online courses structure made for Dream Research Institute.

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The Process

This is my tested process that puts me in your shoes, to fully understand your customers and deliver the best results.

Strategy Session

This comes at the beginning and it’s a session we go into together. The strategy session helps us to build a very solid background for our project, know your goals & needs and understand your clients better.


After we discover what will work best for you, I dive deep into market research to be 100% sure that the results I provide will maximize your current resources and open you up to all the potential benefits.


With all the knowledge and conclusions I collected, I start to design.


This is the most satisfying part where I deliver you all necessary files and ready-to-go products so you can start to do what you truly enjoy!

What makes me different?

Unlike many graphic designers out there, I do not begin a design without understanding you, where you currently are, and what you hope to achieve. This makes it easy to deliver tailor-made solutions every time. I implement designs without the usual routine of copying templates and this means I take time to understand and identify with your needs and visions.

I do my best to deliver you possibly the best products through knowing you and your business almost as well as you do. Every work I do fascinates me, and that ensures that my designs tell your story and help you build the business of your dreams. 

I care deeply about relationships with my clients because I fully resonate with their work. I believe in their empowering skills. I want to befriend them because I put relationships before sales and support their mission.

At last, but not least- I'am a proud owner of super cute dog- Tosia.

All services

Discovery sessions

I run discovery sessions where you answer my very specific questions about your business and goals. They are questions that help you understand your clients better.

Logo design

I can design a fresh and timeless logo for your new project or improve the old one, so you can present your business with confidence.

Tailor-made website

I will design and develop custom websites that fit your brand and are focused on reaching marketing goals. I do it without using generic templates so you can be sure it will meet your needs and expectations.

Brand Kit

Besides the logo, I can design a brand kit, also known as Visual Identity Systems. They will help you maintain a coherent graphic style that is super important for your brand.

1-on-1 Webflow

I will teach you how to edit the content on your website so you feel comfortable and can make adjustments on your own anytime you wish. Don't worry; it is super easy and intuitive.

Photo editing
& Curating

I have a strong photography background and can help you choose the best stock photos for your website or edit your current DIY photos so your imagery will always look fresh and shiny.


Charlie Morley

Lucid Dreaming Teacher & Mindvalley author

Maks is super easy to work with, very efficient and always ready to help. He has a great eye for design and user experience too!


If you have any questions or feel we can work together, feel free to fill up a form or contact me through any of the following channels:

Call me: +48881292872

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Email me directly at: maksbylica@gmail.com

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